Disable Avast Email Signature

Avast! Hold Fast

Using the Avast User Interface (Avast UI) you can disable options such as: insert note into out going mail; audio notices; social networking; pop-ups and others.

Open the Avast UI

Navigate to the Avast icon Avast icon in the Windows notification area. This is to the right of the Taskbar at the bottom right of the screen. If not visible click on the arrow head to the left of the notification area to reveal hidden icons. Right-click on the Avast icon  and select Open Avast UI.

Within the Avast UI disable the following options as follows:

  • Disable Email Signature
    1. Click Settings icon (black cog) to right of  the Avast UI. This should by default open the General section. If not click General from menu.
    2. Un-tick “Enable Avast email signature”
  • Turn off Audio messages
    1. Click Settings
    2. Click Sounds to reveal sound options
    3. Un-tick “Enable Avast sounds”
  • Turn off Community Participation
    1. Click Settings
    2. Click Privacy to reveal Privacy options
    3. Un-tick all Privacy options including ” Participate in the Avast community”
  • Turn off Pop-ups (paid for version only)
    1. Click Settings
    2. Click Pop-ups to reveal pop-up options
    3. Un-tick Show pop-up offers for other Avast products.

Once above setting(s) have been modified click OK and close Avast UI by clicking top right hand X button

Change any of the above option(s) as required and save the configuration using AvastUI General > Backup Settings. In the event of a reinstall you can reload all the settings quickly from this backup.

Don’t allow avast! to install the “browser online security” add-on if you don’t want annoying green ticks against your web search results – another form of avast advertising.  Also disable software updating related to products other than Avast.

The free version of Avast anti-virus for Windows can be downloaded directly from Avast.com

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