Stop Spotify Stealing Windows Focus

This cure is applicable to Linux based systems such as Kubuntu and Ubuntu.

Stop those annoying pop-ups intruding into your workspace by simply running Spotify Music player in a second desktop window and leave it maximised as follows:

  1. Go to System Settings/Workspace Behaviour/Virtual desktops and increase the number of desktops to 2
  2. Activate second desktop by typing Ctrl-F2
  3. Launch Spotify and select the music you like to play
  4. Switch back to main desktop by typing Ctrl-F1 or select desktop from System Tray icon and continue working!

This leaves Spotify nicely out of sight but still controllable from the System Tray icon.

This works for Ubuntu too. Here Desktops are better known as Workspaces. Use Ctrl+Alt+Right or Ctrl+Alt+Left-arrow or System Tray icon to switch workspace.

From Ubuntu 13.04 onwards extra Workspaces are disabled by default. To enable Workspaces  go to System Settings/Appearance/Behaviour and tick the “Enable Workspaces” .

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