Window 10 1803 Update Bug Automatic Repair Loop bootres.dll corrupt

Fix by Clean Install

  1. Boot Windows 10 iso usb and enter Troubleshoot – Advanced Option – Command
  2. Chkdsk d: /f  – where d: is the Windows drive
  3. Boot Macrium Reflect or Acronis True Image usb and make an image backup of the drive to a portable usb drive
  4. Boot Windows 10 1809 iso usb and do a clean install removing all partitions before hand
  5. Once Windows 10 1809 is up and running install 3rd party backup software
  6. Mount backup image and recover Home folder(s)
  7. Reinstall applications, e.g. Office Adobe Reader, …
  8. Uninstall 3rd party backup software

This is a particularly nasty bug, which, thankfully does not seem to affect all machines. In this case it was a Dell latitude E4310 laptop. It is a sledgehammer approach but the only way I could find to fix it.

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