WordPress Paste Snapshot Images Work-around

I have tried various image paste WordPress Plugins but always come across some drawback or other. Imagepaste works well but puts the image in  wp-content\uploads with an unrecognisable  random file name and does not add the name to the Media library. Image-elevator looks good but forces you to use the premium (paid for)  version to get any real value out of it.

However I have discovered a work-around in Kubuntu using the fantastic KSnapshot screen capture program. This allows you to drag and drop the snapshot image directly into WordPress.

Insert a screen snapshot image into your post as follows:

  1. Save the snapshot image from KSnapshot to your local picture folder with an appropriate file name
  2. Position the cursor in your post where you want to insert the image and click Add Media.
  3. Drag and  drop the image from Ksnapshot to WordPress Upload files and click on Insert to insert the image into your Post.

It is an extra couple of steps but has the benefit of updating the Media library correctly without the need of a Plugin.

The image once inserted in your post is referenced by the name you saved it in step 1 in the Media library and as usual WordPress makes copies of the fly in full size, large, medium and and thumbnail.

One day WordPress will release a version which allows direct Ctrl+V paste an image from the paste buffer with the Media library update but for now you can get by with this work-around.

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